No Light Rail in Vancouver!

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Light rail costs too much, does too little

Bus is  twice as fast as MAX  from Vancouver to Downtown Portland    

C-Tran Bus #105 Salmon Creek Express

MAX Yellow line

Bus Travel Time from Vancouver to downtown Portland, 7:10 am - 11:34 am :

15 min

Here is the C-Tran source of the above

MAX travel time from Vancouver to downtown Portland, 7:33 am - 11:33 am:

33.6 min *

* add 3.6 min to Expo time to get Vancouver time. Source of 3.6 min: CRC Transit Technicial Report Exhibit 20

Here is the  source of the Trimet Schedule

Here is the source of the map

Afternoon, Northbound is still much faster than MAX, at 22 min

(same source as above)

15 min

30 min

Is The Bus Really that fast?


To check, we emailed C-Tran this on November 11, 2009:


Can I count on the travel times listed for your lines to/from Portland (#65, 105 & 164) being accurate during rush hour? Or do the buses generally arrive later than the listed times? Thanks JK


and got this answer (bold added):


Mr. Karlock,

Thank you for your e-mail and interest in riding C-Tran.  Our commuter buses along with non-commuter buses do their best to keep their given schedules, they are however subject to traffic issues.  Generally, they are on schedule but may at times run into unavoidable difficulties particularly on Friday afternoons.  

Hope this helps answer your question.


Pam F

Passenger Service Rep

MAX = 34 min        

C-Tran Bus = 15 min

Randal O’Toole video:

How light rail will hurt Vancouver, C-Tran and schools, police and fire department.

More videos on light rail, smart growth, congestion, growth management

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