No Light Rail in Vancouver!

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Light rail costs too much, does too little

What the Orange County Grand Jury found


· Light rail will have negligible impact on traffic congestion

· Light rail is expensive relative to other transit modes

· Light rail is inflexible

· Light rail cost and ridership forecasts ... biased in favor of light rail.

· Light rail will not spur development.

· Development along light rail corridors is spurred by tax subsidies, not light rail.

· Light rail will not improve commuter travel times, energy conservation and safety.

· Transit's share of land travel in the U.S. has dropped from approximately 6 % to less than 1 % since 1950.

· Virtually none of the pollution improvement is attributable to transit.

· Public transit is less fuel-efficient than the auto.

· Light rail is slower than the auto.

· The average auto work trip is about 19 minutes while the average transit work trip is 50 minutes.

· Light rail offers no advantages over express buses.

· Express buses . . . about 60 % faster than light rail's 16.2 miles per hour.