No Light Rail in Vancouver!

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Light rail costs too much, does too little

Pamphlets to Read / Distribute (PDF files)

The Look of Light Rail in Portland

Summary of MAX Fatalities

Transit Costs Three Times More than Driving

Europeans are Abandoning Transit Too   

How Density Causes Congestion

False Promises: Light Rail Reduces Congestion

Car vs Transit Energy

Light Rail Packet - Selected pages from the above

LATEST: Revised, version

Two Page Summary of the Orange County Grand Jury Report

Orange County Grand Jury Report with Added Summary Cover

A Comparative Analysis of Light Rail Systems in Six West Coast Cities

The Impact of Rail Transit on Transit Ridership

The Impact of Rail Transit on Urban Livability

Why do we support systems that almost never work?


A Comparative Analysis of Light Rail Systems in Six West Coast Cities

Additional Sources of Information

Cascade Policy Institute

Cato Institute

Washington Policy Center

The American Dream Coalition

Portland's Regional Government - Metro

Columbia River Crossing

From the Past

1998 election: Trimte "shortened the ballot caption and eliminated from a summary statement claims that the line would reduce air pollution and traffic congestion, improve access to destinations along its route, reduce demand for new freeways and contribute to the vitality of neighborhood business districts." (Oregonian, Sept 2, 1998)

Opponents of the proposed south-north rail line have released traffic counts for the U.S. 26 Sunset corridor that show little apparent change in traffic volumes since the opening of the westside light-rail line. The counts at nine locations on the Sunset or along parallel routes show a traffic increase of slightly less than 1 percent since westside MAX opened Sept. 12. (Oregonian, Octr 7, 1998)

TRI-MET COUNT SHOWS WESTSIDE ATTRACTS 1,773 NEW RIDERS Train opponents put the number at 416 and say the cost of removing each commuter car works out to $2.6 million. The debate about ridership on westside light rail and its effect on traffic continued Wednesday, with Tri-Met saying it has attracted 1,773 new bus and rail riders in the westside corridor. (Oregonian, Oct 29, 1998)


No more backing out of deals, Milwaukie told TriMet last week.

City officials question trust in TriMet

TriMet has pulled out of an agreement with the city of Milwaukie

TriMet and Metro hope to persuade the feds to contribute $840 million to the project. With the state’s $250 million contribution, that leaves local government agencies to come up with $160 million to $410 million.

TriMet to Milwaukie: Your light-rail share is $5 million

Joe Cortright :memo to local leaders on the financial risks (PDF, 51K)

Light Rail Travel Times (SLOW!)